Make the Shift to Environmentally Friendly Construction Work

HFB Enterprise, LLC is committed to serving as an unrestricted National/International conduit to its customers; providing them with products, services and technologies that transform their businesses into efficient profitable entities while renovating down-stream construction consumption behavior to an environmentally favorable/sustainable conservation marketplace.

HFB Enterprise, LLC can provide you with reasonably priced reconditioned construction equipment or state-of-the-art new ones. We can supply you with the most modern concrete plant or assist you in transforming your old one into a high production and efficient machine. We can also provide you with business opportunities in access to licenses for the revolutionary SuperSlurry liquefied cement system, the newest Compacted Concrete Pavement Technology (ACEiT), or our self-erecting mobile cement silos in a variety of sizes, and all of the necessary required production/distribution equipment.


At HFB Enterprise, LLC we firmly believe that it PAYS to be “Green”, not only in monetary values but in the knowledge, that we will leave behind us a clean robust environment for posterity.


HFB Enterprise, LLC helps you facilitate eco-friendly construction operations. We can provide you with evolving products such as SuperSlurry, ACEiT®, or F-180 Mobile Silos.

  • Consulting
  • Design Build Services
  • Compacted Concrete Paving (CCP)
  • Partner Licensing
  • Plant and Equipment Design/Sales

Mobile Silo

3880 cubic foot storage capacity tanker truck

Mobile Silo Jobsite

tanker truck being unloaded

ACEiT Curb

equipment for spreading cement mix

ACEiT Tech

admix 12.25 inches wide